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We are Nature Lovers and Protectors Generation

Specializing in Environmental Conservation | Eco-tourism | Health | Capacity Building | Entrepreneurship | Organic Agriculture

Our History

On the high range of service MDF registered in United Republic of Tanzania Mainland took place of the two reputable youth organizations named NAELEVA and Mikoko Scout Group, Our story started in 2006 when we organized the first youth voluntary mission named NAELE for planting 30,000 trees in Kigoma under Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots then latter on we founded and register new organization named NAELEVA then in 2017 we founded a new youth initiative for planting 40,000 new mangrove trees and we achieved to work with Vodacom Tanzania Foundation then in 2019 that took place of the two organizations to secure its primary mission and services to the Tanzania communities through supporting them in Green Habitable Tanzania despite of Climate Change Challenges as we are using our high value of experienced team of expart in MDF towards delivering quality and standard services to Tanzania local communities.

Mikoko Development Foundation is an NGO dealing with environment, health and education programs in Tanzania centered Kisiwani, Ubungo Dar es salaam. The vision of Mikoko Development Foundation is Creating Green Habitable Tanzania through developing young people into international field of conservation and lead the international youth to get to know Tanzania and conservation of nature and environment. The goal is to encourage young adults to broaden their views of what the world is all about and make opportunities to experience different cultures and become exposed to nature and environment with the basic skills of entrepreneurship.


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