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Environmental Conservation (Mangroves)

Organic Agriculture

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Youth Programs

Cultural & Heritage

We are Nature Lovers and Problem Solvers Generation

We developed projects to be performed by local Mikoko Youth Groups this to help them against extreme poverty and achieve their goals. The projects are under local groups of Mikoko this is to help them conduct environmental conservation, health, agriculuture and entrepreneurship programs at their localities we encourage different donors, companies, embassies, foundations and NGO's to join our efforts towards supporting these groups of young individuals.

Mikoko Development Foundation had established many other projects to make sure the conservation strategies at the local level are well improved and the forest managed areas are well protected by the local communities through localized conservation programs. Mikoko Development Foundation has the following projects

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MDF - Priority Areas

***Environmental Conservation

Marine Ecosystem

Protection of marine ecosystem is our key responsiblity as Mikoko Development Foundation. We operate larger area through our region and district chapters consist of volunteers through regional and district leadership that coordinates local plans to serve the public in teamwork known as Mikoko Youth Groups. These are the groups registered to plant and support conservation of natural resources and contribute to green habitable Tanzania at their local areas.

Groups are registered under Mikoko Development Foundation (MDF) National Database as members who are serving the interest of local communities in regard that there is no member of MDF who is direct beneficiary of the project but the group intends to serve the interest of their local communities and serve other local community members. MDF will continue its basic committment and involvement towards green habitable Tanzania through local youth groups as the initial target is to support 100 youth groups per year through provision of funds to support greening at their localities. We are unable to achieve alone so MDF will continue its mission of strengthern collaboration with key stakeholders including Education Insititutions , NGO, Local Youth Groups, Goverment Agencies, Donors and Sponsors.

Terestrial Ecosystem

There is no Marine Ecosystem without protection and care of Terestrial Ecosystem including forest and source of water that supporting availability and sustainability of Delta and surivival of mangrove forest. MDF is supporting youth groups around terestrial forest who are committed and able to support conservation of sources of water and become worriors in protection of our forest in great contribution to "Green Habitable Tanzania".

Other Areas of Work in complentary of Conservation Programs

Other Areas of Work

Education (Capacity Building)

Education takes a big part in conservation and MDF is committed towards promotion of environmental education based on age and locality of beneficiary . In the year 2020 - 2025 MDF aims to serve more than 5 million youth country wide aims to impact youth in learning science through environment.


In promoting environmental conservation issue of health it must be a human community core activity to help and support sustainable environmental conservation. MDF aims at supporting local health facilities with basic health equipments that will help and support susainable health to the local communities for helping them support greening activities at their localities.


Enhacing susainable conservation of forest in Tanzania there is a great need of intergrating community conservation efforts into a friendly and useful too that will add value to our forest in Tanzania. Registration and primary complinace of eco-tourism (Cultural Tourism Enterprises) and fully owned by local communities is the key issues focused by Mikoko Development Foundation.

Organic Agriculture

Developing youth and support them towards agriculture activities and programs is very important hence it empowers them towards sustainable income generation that allows them become powerful in protecting their local natural resources including contributing to green habitable Tanzania as community members will not be able to protect their natural resouces without being empowered and it is where MDF and its partners are contributing.

Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment

Each year Mikoko Development Foundation (MDF) aims to support 260 youth groups in capacity building and also finance 100 competive groups that qualifies for funding and these groups will be provided with these funds for the aim of supporting them in their group project plans. MDF will organize Regional Nature & Environmental Youth Camp for the aim of supporting youth become self employed and achieve in creating green habitable Tanzania at their localities.

Youth Programs

MDF is really committed through its local chapters to serve the interest of youth who are aged between 5 to 26 years this will give chance for them to critically understand their local community based challenges and become key players in solving the existing problems through giving them chance to learn science through environment

Culture & Heritage

MDF is committed to promote Tanzania's heritage by supporting the documentation of the Local Languages and customs (traditions, practices, conventions, rituals) to make them available to future generations and the current urban-born and raised descendants of respective languages.