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We are national youth environmental leading organization in Tanzania in Mangrove Conservation

Specializing in Conservation, Eco tourism (Leisure), Education (Capacity Building), Agriculture & Entrepreneurship

Conservation needs higher level of understanding, creativity and commitment that Mikoko Development Foundation value and take initiative in engaging local community members around mangrove forest in conservation, development and management of mangrove forest that is around themselves and taking it as a part of their life, culture and friendship.

Conservation needs everyone to be well involved and informed, in making this happen MDF organization needs support from donors including Foundations Corporates, Companies, individuals as well as goverment that will support us making the difference we are intending to achieve.

Every single penny you donate to us counted to support Mangrove Restoration and Rehabilitation as MDF target is to support 59 local groups to help them with sustainable income generation activities that will support them in management of mangrove forest at their localities. The funds will support groups in restoration of 1 million mangroves per year for the year 2021 - 2022. Your support matters


    Pay with M-Pesa

    Your support matters to Climate Change
    Lipa kwa Tigo Pesa

    Pay with Tigo Pesa

    Your support matters to Climate Change

    Pay with CRDB Bank PLC

    Your support matters to Climate Change
How to Support MDF via CRDB Bank PLC?
  • Send money through MDF Bank Account
  • MDF Account Details;-
  • Acc Name: Mikoko Development Foundation
  • Acc #: 015C509149200
  • Branch: UDSM Branch
  • Swift Code: CORUTZTZ
  • Donation Amount: Any amounth from $2 or 5,000 Tsh
  • You or your organization or company will be recognized for the donation
  • Every donation matters to our projects and committment of planting mangroves 1 US$ can help plant 4 mangroves that will help absorb 112 Kg of Co2 to fight against climate change
How to Support MDF via M-Pesa?
  • 1. Click M-Pesa Menu (*150*00#) then click Ok
  • 2. Select 4 Pay by m-pesa
  • 3. Select 4 Enter business number
  • 4. Enter Till No. 977960
  • 5. Enter reference No: 9985789345
  • 6. Enter Amount. Example: "1000"
  • 7. Enter Password (****)
  • 8. Press 1 to confirm payments
How to Support MDF via Tigo-Pesa?
  • 1. Click Tigo-Pesa Menu (*150*01#)
  • 2. Select 4 for “Payment” on your Tigo Pesa Menu
  • 3. Select 3 for “Pay companies”
  • 4. Choose 2 for “Enter Business Number”
  • 5. Enter business number “702020”
  • 6. Enter your reference number
  • 7. Enter 9985789345
  • 8. Enter amount you want to pay “1000”
  • 9. Confirm Payments by enter Tigo Pesa Pasword
  • Customer confirms details and Enters PIN
  • Bill-Payment Details | Business Number: “702020”, Company Name: “Mikoko Development Foundation”