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Mangrove Rehabilitation Project

Specializing in restoration, rehabilitation and managment of mangroves.

In the year 2018 through support of Vodacom Tanzania Foundation, Nabaki Afrika Ltd, Mikoko Tours & Safaris, AAR-Healthcare, Rotary Tanzania we achieved to plant about 25,000 mangroves seeds in the year 2018. We focus to plant more 1,000,000 mangroves in the year 2020 - 2025.

This is from the five years plan of 2020-2025 of planting about 1,000,000 mangroves the aim is to recover the marine ecosystem that we have been lose in the years back. We have strong teams at the local levels founded by Mikoko Young Adults who are able to help the conservation of mangroves through 1. Rehabilitation, 2. Protection and 3. Local Community Outreach Programs (LCO). We also collaborating with Marine Park and Reserves Units to support these Young Adults who we are focusing on creating safety community through the project through enterprenuership and self employment.

We welcome more people to collaborate with us to make it happen before we lose our marine ecosystem as it is most important to the life of coast, through Mangrove Rehabilitation Project creating Community Centered Conservation and create sustainable conservation of mangroves in Tanzania and contributing to Climate Action and Green Habitable Tanzania.

We believe that

"Mangrove is the pride of Coast"

Thanks to our Sponsors for making it happening


Nabaki Afrika Ltd
Mikoko Tours & Safaris
AAR - Healthcare Tanzania