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Mikoko Nature Conservation Center

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MNCC One of the projects that are running at the moment is leading to the establishment of Mikoko Nature Conservation Center (MNCC) while preparing nature camps at the mangrove forest. Main purpose is to improve local conservation and implement local initiatives to make sure the protected places and areas are improved with good life to people around the areas.

Mikoko Tours & Safaris will implement eco-tourism while Mikoko Nature campsite will organize camping for youth and children also Mikoko Nature Conservation Center will organize local scale conservation projects and Mikoko Base of Research & Nature Education will organize environmental and nature courses with basic research skills to participants of the nature camps and seek partnership with other local Mikoko Groups in Tanzania to improve nature and environmental awareness in Tanzania.

Young adults are able to learn and engage into local scale projects at the center in which they become well understood of Nature and Environmental facts in relation to marine and terrestrial ecosystem by which the series of extra curriculum subjects helps kids and youth improve their level of performance in the classes in the subjects related to mathematics, chemistry, biology, geography and physics.

When kids visit our center they met with qualified and experienced naturalists who will help kids understand about nature and facts related to conservation which will show the classes case studies as well as improve community performance to the management of natural resources.

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Client: Community

Date: August 21, 2017

Tags: Mangrove, Camps, Conservation, Tours

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