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Specializing in supporting girls Moral, Cognition, materially & financially

Smart African Girl (SAG) Project is one of the important projects that should be given priorities by the Government, Embassies and other organizations including Non Governmental Organizations, Foundations and International Non Governmental Organizations. The fact and the potential of providing sanitary hygiene education and sanitary kits to the interior school girls is revealed by the existence of such a high need on this service which is in fact as good ambassadors of positive changes in our respective communities, we need to find out a way of combating off this threat and enemy of our local school girls education and their health as well as their future at large.

To transform the minds and health of our local schools girls, we need to cross our hands and our hearts together by contributing whatever we can including our human labor so as to reach these girls who are not even aware of make themselves safe during their menstrual periods. We also have a desire of teaching them on the biological changes that are associated with aging especially sexual feeling during adolescence so as to reduce the rate of sexual practices which may lead to early pregnant and withdrawing from that in turn lead early marriage.

Mikoko Development Foundation Girls’ team works to improve the lives of individuals especially girls through Girls Project, lead by Ms. Vaileth. Ms Vaileth has been working in this project for three years. Ms Vaileth works to help thousands of girls in her team. They work voluntarily around Dar-es-Salaam on projects that help girls lives.

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For more information please contact Email Head of Project | Gefrida Luvuya

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