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Sustainable Education in Tanzania - Project

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Sustainable Education in Tanzania - Project Mikoko Development Foundation is giving chance to young adults towards learning and experience true picture of science. This project is offering series of classes for students to experience Students Go Out (SGO) program, set on the limited number of measurements and quality check to make sure our students obtain basic standard and master the key issues in science that will help improve their class perfomance.

Mikoko Development Foundation is teaming up with Mikoko Gallery Center and Donors, who are motivated to support our local education in Tanzania to contribute towards goverment efforts that will allow schools to become self running and sustainable towards supportin their local budgets without much depend from central goverment funds.

The project is welcome donors to support the efforts that will allow our schools to benefit from this project "Only if we join our hands is when we achieve a sustainable comunity that we all think and imagine to have" Hon. Abdulkharim Esmail Shah (Co-Founder of Mikoko Development Foundation).

Project Details

Client: Mikoko Development Foundation

Donor: No Donor Confirmed

Date: October 21, 2020

Consultant:Mikoko Gallery Center

Trainer:Mikoko Development Foundation

Beneficiaries:7,500 students in 12 Schools per year

Basic Goal: Sustainable Education with Self-Reliance

Overall Goal: Productive Education System with Responsible citizens

Tags: Mangrove, Camps, Conservation, Science, ICT, Entreprenuership, Self-Employement

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