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Mangrove Rehabilitation Project Supported by Vodacom Tanzania Foundation

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Mikoko Scout Group through Mangrove Rehabilitation Project welcomes you for planting 130,000 mangroves in Tanzania

Vodacom Tanzania employees, spearheaded by the company’s CSR arm Vodacom Tanzania Foundation , have volunteered their time, skills and other resources towards the Kihere Mangrove Rehabilitation Project with a goal of planting over 14,000 Mangroves in Tanga. The project aims to promote conservation and management of the endangered Mangrove forest in agreement with the Wildlife Management Authority agenda.

In this endeavor, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has partnered with Mikoko Scout Group in ensuring the security of the mangrove forest and enable plantation of more than 14,000 mangrove trees, with a specified species of Mangrove in Kihere district.

Addressing journalists in Tanga, Vodacom Tanzania Director of Corporate Affairs and Vodacom Foundation said that that it’s a crucial time to work in solidarity and take action to save the mangroves. “The Mangrove species in Tanga has been deteriorating each year due to illegal harvest and cutting down of the Mangrove trees for charcoal. Raising awareness of the importance of Mangroves is a crucial and sustainable approach in the conservation of Mangrove species. This is an opportune time for all of us to come together to support the Scouts that are working tirelessly to preserve the Mangrove forest – before it’s too late,” said Ms. Mworia.

Tanzania is the first African country to carry out a detailed mangrove inventory, conduct socio-economic surveys of users and prepare a comprehensive management plan for the conservation and development of its mangroves. Mikoko Scout Group is committed to recruit 750 scouts to participate in Mangrove plantation in Tanga, Dar es Salaam and Mtwara in which more than 130,000 mangroves will be planted.

Minister of Union Affairs and Environment, January Makamba said: “It is all of our responsibility to rehabilitate and improve the co-management and protection of the endangered mangrove forests considering the increase of illegal harvests, so that it can continue to provide the essential life-sustaining goods and services for coastal communities. I highly commend the joint efforts made by Vodacom Tanzania and Mikoko Scout Group to conserve the mangrove ecosystem of Tanzania – which is a positive way forward for future generations.”

Mangroves provide an alternative source of food, income and employment for the local fishing communities who use different mangrove species for fuel wood, fences, house construction and boat building, as well as for making fish traps and for medicinal purposes, among other uses.

Mworia added that this initiative led by the Foundation presents yet another opportunity for all Vodacom employees to give back and participate in community activities.

“Vodacom Tanzania Foundation gives all Vodacom employees a platform to make a difference in the lives of Tanzanians by encouraging volunteerism to various marginalized groups of people in the country that need assistance or to support a worthy cause such as environment conservation.”

On the other hands Vice Chairperson Projects, Training & Administration Mr. Olais K. Raphael added to the public that " More than 14,000 mangroves have been planted in this event with Vodacom Tanzania Foundation in collaboration with Mikoko Scout Group through the product of Mangrove Nature Conservation Center (MNCC) with the leading project in Conservation of Mangrove named Mangrove Rehabilitation Project we are going to plant about 130,000 mangroves and helping replanting and conservation of the mangrove forest in Tanzania. In this efforts Mikoko Scout Group and Mikoko Services With Geography will collaborated to expand its efforts to promote mangrove sites as International Mangrove Learning Center through Mikoko Tours & Safaris this will strengthen and promote the power and ability of Wildlife Management Authority (WMA)"

The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation helps women and girls across the country improve their health, access better education and create new enterprises. Working with local NGOs and partners, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has supported over 130 projects to date investing over Tsh 17 Bn to improve the lives of those in Tanzania.