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Mikoko IT Project

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Mikoko ICT Boot Camp Mikoko Gallery Center is focused to develop young people with artistic and design skills to become independent minded, self sustenance and creativity. With the background of Entreprenuership, environmental protection and hand craft design, we are a team that offer practical hands on work that is fun, interesting and team bonding.

Mikoko Development Foundation is teaming up with Mikoko Gallery Center and Mweva, a UK based Non-Government Organization that is spearheading IT as a tool for young people to use in social/economic development to the marginalized and disadvantaged communities in East Africa.

Technology is one of the more powerful tool to transform communities, Mikoko Development Foundation stand out to be one of the most effective volunteer organization in the country on environemnt and ICT programs. We want to teach Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills to youth who will in turn use the knowledge and skills gained to help transform for better the lives of the marginalized and disadvantaged communities in Tanzania. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce a National Volunteer ICT Program, training with practical hands on experience where volunteers will learn, share and enjoy the conducive atmosphere of being part of Mikoko family.

Item Name

This workshop is scheduled to commence from 21st October through 26th 2020 at the Mikoko Development Foundation Grounds, in Dar-es-salaam and Dodoma, and involves 100 participants from different areas in Tanzania to meet, discuss, learn, practice and address critical issues of ICT especially in development as we embark on a program to use ICT as a tool for job creation, training the unemployed and a vehicle for development in marginalized communities.

The workshop covered web design, on line marketing and creating platform for teaching children and young girls to become acquainted with computer skills at an early age. The workshop is in form of a Camp and named as Mikoko ICT Boot Camp. it was scheduled to take place twice a year annually. The facilitation and coordination will build a network of ICT trainers termed as Mikoko ICT Ambassadors who will come from different regions of the country

The next ICT Boot Camp will be held from 21st June through 26th June 2021 at Mikoko Development Foundation HQ while leaving the ICT Ambassadors with a high knowledge and understanding in making and creating projects based on ICT and present them to the customers who might be helpful in supporting the team of volunteers.

Project Details

Client: Mikoko Development Foundation

Donor: No Donor Confirmed

Date: October 21, 2020

Consultant:Mweva UK

Trainer:Mikoko Gallery Center

Beneficiaries:100 youth per year

Basic Goal: Train youth ICT Skills (Web Design, Digital Content, Digital Marketing & Networking

Overall Goal: Self Employed through web design and Hosting

Tags: Mangrove, Camps, Conservation, Tours, ICT, Entreprenuership, Self Employement

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