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Mikoko Boys Champion Camp 2023

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About the Camp

Mikoko Boys Champion Camp is the most valuable nature, science and career camp that organized by Mikoko Development Foundation team to help and support youth and children mental and physical development through list of activities in Morogoro Town at Uluguru Mountains. The team prepared the following activities like self-awareness, financial literacy, sports and games, botany and ecology fun class, bird watching and identification, science activities inclusive of launching rocket and other more.

The list of activities aim to inspire youth boys become aware of financial capacity, problem solving skills and ability to support their local communities through climate action and academic achievement.

The class is operating under children protection policy of Mikoko Development Foundation that ensures the total safeguarding of children during the camp. The camp has matron and patrons who are responsible for all youth welfare at the camp. The camp also looking to create room to youth become responsible in their life plan and available opportunities around them this will help creating problem solvers generation through award winning programs.

Participants will participate in soil education, tree planting; learning seeds collection and identification, self-reliance projects such as home garden programs that will help them produce food at their home with small piece of land for home consumption and self-employment purposes in the future. Sports will be opened to all participants and winners will get rewards.

The ideal candidate will be motivated, professional, and organized, with a knack for research. We are looking for someone who believes in Mikoko Development Foundation mission and will demonstrate exceptional drive to further our existing fundraising efforts and help strategize and deliver new ones.

Camp Mission

Impact Mentoring Program discusses and teaches the principles of manhood. The teenage years are the make or break stages in a boy’s life. For today lots of money, time and resources are being used to try and fix broken men, while this could have been avoided by empowering them while they were still young. This program aim to help boys realize their potential and envision to prepare for a robust and productive future. The program again help instill a sense of discipline and responsibility in the young boy’s lives, while being taught the importance of being Emotionally, Physically, Socially and Economically strong.

Why Experiment Learning

It is a proven FACT that, Boys learn more when they experiment and while having FUN!

June, 2023 we expect to host 100 boys coming from all over Tanzania on a 3 Days and 2 Nights mentorship camp which is a life changing, FUN and Impactful. We are expecting all 100 boys to join us in June 2023 on their first camp in Tanzania. We have partnered with our sister organization Bunang Baswa from South Africa with other successful companies and NGO in Tanzania and across Africa, we aiming at sponsoring a few boys who’s parents can’t afford to attend this camp. For over 17 years Mr Olais Raphael (Camp Organizer) has been empowering school students and community youth groups across the country through Mikoko Development Foundation and directly impacted more than 200,000 individuals in 7 countries (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, United Kingdom and Netherland).

All participants might be required to raise things such as none perishable food, books and toys to be donated to kids and teenagers at an identified school or orphanage (which parents will help the boy to identify) in December 2023, date shall be communicated and the rest of the info. This will be an ongoing project done twice or so a year in order to foster leadership skills, strong character, good morals and confidence in these young boys. Project might change or differ as we see which need arises and what parents are confortable with.

Meet the Organizer and chief Trainer (Mr. Olais K. Raphael)

Mr. Olais Served as community volunteer since 2006 to 2013 when he firstly founded and lead NAELEVA organization as Executive Chairperson, in 2017 Olais is now serving as Executive Director of Mikoko Development Foundation and former Group Scout Leader for Mikoko Scout Group through a group he supported and facilitate plantation of new 27,000 mangrove trees.

In the year of 2015 and 2016 he served as Jane Goodalls’ Roots & Shoots Dar es Salaam Regional Coordinator in voluntary basis. He have been able to serve in different community positions and supporting youth become self-independent mostly part of his life dream of supporting others become successful individuals and able to help others in the future.

Olais is a professional Youth Worker, Social Worker, Community Development, Sociologist and Natural Resource Assessment and Management Expert. He is a certified and member of Amateur Radio with ICT skills in web design, digital content, digital marketing and web hosting and management skills. He founded Mikoko Brand with capacity of changing coastal communities towards solving their own problems on the other hands participating highly in Climate Action in Tanzania through contributing to Creating Green Habitable Tanzania

  • Award Winner & Author with over 18 years working with for profit and non govermental organizations in Tanzania
  • 15 Years working with teachers and students in Tanzania and across the globe
  • Strong public speaking and motivation towards career and dream channel
  • Naturalist Trainer & Certified Amateur Radio (5H3OKR)

Meet Co-Facilitator (Mr. Fred Bohasu)

Award winning Speaker & Author; With over 12 years working with Corporates, Schools, Youth and Governments across Africa. Fred brings with him a vast experience, energy and lots of humor. He is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Team Builder. Fred annualy runs Impact Boys Mentorship Camp in Sout Africa where him and his team empowers 100’s of teen age boys and young men.

    Fred is a recipient of;
  • South Africa Man of the Year Award (2016)
  • Finalist of Eduweek Awards (biggest education awards in Africa)
  • Lead SA Hero (Radio 702/Lead SA) (2017)
  • 100 Most Influential Young African (Avance Media from Ghana) 2017
  • And a recipient of many other accolades and awards

Fred has also worked with other organizations in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, USA and Lesotho. If you don’t find him Reading and Researching, you will find him Facilitating Leadership and Personal Development Camps for young people, Inspirational talks at assemblies, Running Team Building events for corporates and leadership workshops. He is also an Author of three books. Founder of Bunang Baswa, a Non profit which for over 16 years it has been helping develop young people and inmates across the continent.

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