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About Mikoko Development Foundation (MDF)

MDF is a registered NGO in the United Republic of Tanzania with registration number ooNGO/R/933 with certificate from Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) with high reputation to perform number of project in the community of Tanzania Mainland. The organization is operating in 26 regions of Tanzania Mainland through Regional Coordinators (MRC's) and District Coordinators (MDC's), the team is responsible to support community, school and university clubs in respective geographical boundaries.

Mangrove Forest Youth Programs

MDF NGO for Environment and Education support programs in the community of Tanzania.

Supporting local youth and women groups in mangrove conservation and education programs.

  • Supporting rehabilitation and protection 1,500 hactors of mangroves in Tanzania in the coming five years.
  • Supporting education and life skills education to youth and children in Tanzania.
  • Supporting 5 million youth and children through educators and trainers under Mikoko Youth Programs to achieve youth and children creativity and innovative life.


Green habitable Tanzania with a balanced ecosystem for all living organisms in peaceful co-existence.


To engage in partnership for change with all key stakeholders for implementing appropriate programs to conserve nature for sustainable development.

MDF Services

Through MDF services and projects is where community members benefited direct from high quality and well organized programs to ensure sustainable conservation of natural resources at the local and national level is achieved with gender equailty that promote equal and equity in sharing of natural resources with sustainable utilization.

Digital Contents

Promoting digital world to local communities in Tanzania in collaboration with Vodacom Tanzania Foundation

Youth Programs

MDF is dedicated to support youth and children through creativity and innovative projects

Mikoko Youth Gears

Motivate your youth through award winning programs to become problem solvers

Life Skills

Promoting youth and children become competent in facing life challenges with great problem solving skills

Educational Videos

MDF design videos to support teaching projects in schools for primary and secondary schools

Nature Conservation Center

Supporting youth and children in climate change and environmental education activities through MNCC

Become Naturalist Trainer

Do you want to become professional in youth and children programs based on Mikoko Youth Programs and be competent in award winning programs and clima change action at local communities please join our list of annual training at local chapters.