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Mikoko Membership

Membership to the Organization shall be voluntary and open to any individual who has attained the age of 18 years and above, of sound mind and who is ready to join hands in supporting and promoting vision, mission and objectives of the Organization.

Types of Members

There shall be three types of members-

1. Founder members:

These are members who made the initiatives to establish this Organization;

2. Ordinary members:

These are members who join the Organization after its establishment;

3. Honorary members:

These are members who shall be awarded such membership by the Organization due to their positive contributions to the community and Organization objectives.

Rights and Obligation of Members

  • To elect/vote and be elected/voted in the leadership of the Organization except for honorary members
  • Right to be heard
  • To ttend General Meeting
  • Participate in all Organization activities as he/she may be required to do so
  • Receiving information of the Organization progress by any means of communication
  • To pay fees that is prescribed by the General Meeting
  • To attend all meetings that requires his/her presence;
  • To participate in all the activities of the Organization as planned
  • To keep secret all matters and decision of the Organization

Cessation of Members

Members shall cease if any of the following happens-

  • By resignation;
  • Expulsion for misbehavior, failure to adhere to Organization's resolutions and this Constitution;
  • Failure to attend three consecutive General Meeting without reasonable information;
  • Incapability to perform his/her obligations due to mental disorder;
  • Failure to pay subscription fees for 3 years;
  • Death.

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