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Green Mission Project (GMP) 2024 - 2029

For the year 2023 - 2029 MDF plan to support local communities plant about 5 million trees, one tree cost only 1,500 Tsh equals to 0.60 US$ please subscribe to below packages so you can be part of climate change, forest and improve marine ecosystems in Tanzania. The project launch will be March, 2024

Project Information

Forestry and agro-forestry are the most natural and effective ways of controlling climate change. Trees reduce the carbon footprint. 1 mature tree can store 48 lbs CO2 per year and give 260 lbs O2 per tree per year. Grassland absorbs 2400 – 3600 lbs per acre per year and creates half Kilogram O2 per 1 square foot per day.

Mikoko Development Foundation (MDF) see this as the best opportunity towards investment in proper tree planting that is beneficial to human health and climate change that will help increase environmental sustainability with assurance to continual cash flow from selling fruits and agricultural products in the future without destroying the forest.

Trees prevent soil erosion by slowing down and absorbing the rain water. Also with the constantly rising temperatures and new heat records being set every coming year, trees cool the earth through evaporation. Therefore because trees are much cheaper compared other methods of climate change mitigation, it is easy for the locals to invest in them and so far, we have registered a lot of success.

Dar es Salaam region has the area of 1,590 Km2 with population of 7,450,000 who depend on charcoal from nearby region of Pwani (Coast) and also other parts of the country. In order to solve the problem the project will secure market for cook stove at the center of Dar es Salaam and promote the new technologies that will minimize consumption of charcoal and also will help to conserve nature at the bottom line of the project as part of solution. The project will work on financing local cook stove producers in Mkuranga district to manufacture for the aim of feed the Dar es Salaam market.

The city has attracted traders dealing with various products including charcoal. It is estimated that about half of Tanzania's annual consumption of charcoal amounting to approximately 500,000 tonnes per year takes place in Dar es Salaam City (World Bank 2009).

The project intends to support forest restoration from the previous lost biodiversity in three districts of Bahi, Mkuranga and Busega. Also introducing cook stove project will help reduce the deforestation capacity in the said district through pushing lowering usage of charcoal that will reduce rate of deforestation and increase greening in the project area that will be the project achievement.

Project Expected Results

  • Mitigation of floods and droughts.
  • Cooling of the environment through evaporation which reduces temperatures.
  • Eradication of indiscriminate deforestation.
  • Curbing soil erosion.
  • Improved agricultural harvest from improved soil fertility.
  • Wider source of income through animal husbandry, farming, value addition and forestry.
  • Controlled market through value chain addition.
  • Creation of employment opportunities.
  • Acquisition of climate change knowledge.
  • Adaptation of a tree planting culture.
  • Improved standard of living.
  • Improved Carbon Financing Program.
  • Established Center of Excellence for Nature & Environmental Sustainability.
  • Provide technical support to children and families regarding nutrition and balance diet.
  • Supporting community in improved cook stove in the project area.

Project Contribution on Sustainable Development Goals

Green Mission Project will direct contribute towards following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) #1 – No Poverty, #4 – Quality Education, #13 – Climate Action, #15 – Life on land, #17 Partnership for the goals.

No Poverty

Project promotes eradication of poverty in its project activities that ensures community benefits from the project through community livelihood programs.

Climate Action

Project will improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.

Partnership for the goals

Project is the key to Partnership for Sustainable Development, complemented by multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support the achievement of the SDG in Tanzania.

Pie Chart: Project Budget Structure

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Become A Tree Planter Hero Today

For individuals who are interested to donate from 120,000 Tsh or 50 US$ will help plant 80 Trees.

You will be qualified for Individual Mikoko Grand Climate Actor if you contribute 4,450,000 Tsh equals to $1,780 that will help plant 2,960 Trees.